Twisted Sistahs

In this lesson, you will learn how to get a few more styles from your daughter’s straight hair. Depending on how active your daughter is, her flat iron process may only stay perfectly straight for 3-5 days. Instead of adding more heat, try creating a flat twist!

Note: At this point you daughter’s wavy hair has been washed, conditioned, blown dry, and flat ironed. To learn how to how to properly wash, condition, and blow dry wavy hair and flat iron wavy hair, go to our Wavy Hair Video Lessons: Shampooing and Conditioning, Get it straight – Blow Dry, and Get it Straight – Flat Iron.


We will be creating eight flat twists that run front to back. Use a rat tail comb to part the first section of hair.


Secure the loose hair with hair clips.


Create a hair cocktail using foam and a clear colored hair gel. Do NOT use a brown gel as it tends to flake. These products will create a smooth look and keep your twist in place.


Rub the product between your fingers and begin to create your flat twist. Twist the hair down the hair shaft by taking two strand of hair and crossing them one over the other. Feel free to add a little more foam as you are twisting if you feel the hair start to dry. Adding a little more foam will also ensure that the twist is tight and smooth.


Use a tiny rubber band to secure the end of the flat twist.


Repeat until all eight flat twists are secured.

Bonus: When you un-twist this hair style. The hair will form a loose wavy pattern that can be worn down!