Twisted Sistahs

In this lesson, you will learn how to get a few more styles from your daughter’s straight hair. Depending on how active your daughter is, her flat iron process may only stay perfectly straight for 3-5 days. Instead of adding more heat, try creating a twist style!

Note: At this point, you daughter’s curly hair has been washed, conditioned, blown dry, and flat ironed. To learn how to how to properly wash, condition, and blow dry curly hair and flat iron curly hair, go to our Curly Hair Video Lessons: Shampooing and Conditioning, Get It Straight – Blow Dry, and Get it Straight – Flat Iron.


Use a rat tail comb to part the hair into three large sections: one on each side and another on the back of the head.


Comb the first section of hair. You may want to secure the other sections with a hair clip.


Part one larger section into two sections and begin to tightly twist the two sections into one another. Keep the twist up towards the middle of the head (not down low).


Continue to twist the hair until you reach the end. At this point, take the long twist and wind it onto the scalp until it forms into a bun.


Use a hair pin to secure the bun. For tips on when to use a hair versus a bobby pin, see our Bobby Pins vs. Hair Pins video blog.


Repeat until all three sections are done.

Tip:Add Accessories to create some fun looks!

Note: We did not add any product to this style because our model’s hair is silky and moist. If your daughter’s hair is dry, we recommend using a small amount of an oil based product to achieve this look!

Bonus: When you un-twist this hair style. The hair will form a long wavy pattern that can be worn loose!

For more braided styles see our Hair 101: Curly or Kinky Hair Braided It Up videos