How to transition from relaxed to natural hair




The decision to go from relaxing your hair to embracing your natural hair leads to all sorts of questions.

First, why do clients decide to go natural? When should you consider the Big Chop, or cutting off your relaxed tresses?

1. When your relaxed hair is no longer healthy, constantly dry, breaks easily or sheds.

2. When you are looking for a new look and curious about your natural curl pattern.

3. When you want to experiment with a new color and want to avoid the stress of relaxing and coloring at the same time.

Diana P. sent our hair coach an email seeking advice on whether or not to cut her 16-year-old daughter, Britney’s hair into a short afro. Diana has been relaxing Britney’s shoulder-length hair for the past four years. When Britney was 14, they started experimenting with at  home hair dyes; they added brown tones to her hair. The combination of the relaxer and color have caused Britney’s hair to become dry and damaged, and Diana has also noticed that Britney’s hair has a tendency to shed.

Our “How To Hair Coach” gave Diana two options:

Option 1:   If Britney isn’t completely ready for the “big chop” and wearing her hair natural, take her to a licensed hairstylist. They may be able to save some length and cut Britney’s hair into a healthy bob. Not all hair types are able to take the stress caused by a chemical relaxers and hair dyes. After getting her hair cut, Britney will have to decide between coloring or a relaxing in order to maintain healthy hair.

Option 2:   Cut it off! Many teens today are opting to wear their hair natural. There are so many products that make the transition from straight to natural effortless.  I recommend Jane Carter’s new lines Restore and Hydrate.  Britney can also check for natural hair care tips on this site regularly!

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