Avoiding the Jennifer Aniston hair melt down: skipping the big chop

In our last blog, we discussed transitioning your daughter’s hair from relaxed to natural. We gave Britney’s Mom who wrote in asking for advice on transitioning from natural to relaxed hair two options to consider before going natural: trimming or the big chop!

We said;

Option 1:   If Britney isn’t completely ready for the “big chop” and wearing her hair natural, take her to a licensed hairstylist. They may be able to save some length and cut Britney’s hair into a healthy bob. Not all hair types are able to take the stress caused by a chemical relaxers and hair dyes. After getting her hair cut, Britney will have to decide between coloring or a relaxing in order to maintain healthy hair.

Option 2:   Cut it off! Many teens today are opting to wear their hair natural. There are so many products that make the transition from straight to natural effortless.  I recommend Jane Carter’s new lines Restore and Hydrate.  Britney can also check for natural hair care tips on this site regularly!

However, what if your daughter does not want to cut her hair? It’s taken her years to grow her tresses! Doing the big chop may cause an international hairtastrophy, an epic melt down… and you ain’t got time for that!

So here are 7  tips to transitioning from relaxed to natural Hair while avoiding the  a Big Chop
1. Use a moisturizer daily to keep your hair hydrated. We recommend Shea Moisture’s Curl Enhancing Smoothie ($9.99)
2. Clip your ends every 6 to 8 weeks to gradually removed relaxed hair. We recommend going to a professional hairstylist to ensure a clean and even cut.
3. As your hair grows, there will be 2 competing textures: curly roots and relaxed hair. Use rods sets or twists to wear your hair in a style that resembles your natural texture. Photo via BeautybyLee.com
rods sets or twists
4. Kiss your blow dryer and flat ironing in storage! Applying heat to your hair will cause dryness and compromise your natural curl pattern. Photo via BlackEssentials.blogpost.com 
5. Use a good sulfate-free shampoo and a great moisturizing conditioner ($8.99).
6. Use a deep conditioner at least every other time you shampoo your hair ($12.99).
7. When you just can’t take it anymore, remember you can CHOP it off to start fresh!

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