Get it Straight – Flat Iron

In this lesson, you will learn how to straighten your daughter’s wavy hair using a flat iron.


Begin this process by shampooing, conditioning, and completely blow drying the hair. To learn how to how to properly wash, condition, and blow dry wavy hair, go to our Wavy Hair Video Lessons: Shampooing and Conditioning and Get It Straight - Blow Dry.


Apply a small amount of moisturizer or a heat protectant to protect the hair from the heat.


Part the hair into four sections. Working in sections makes the flat ironing process much easier. Secure three sections with a hair clip while leaving the one section of hair loose.


Spray the loose section with an anti-humidity spray to prevent the hair from becoming frizzy.


Begin by parting an even smaller subsection of hair about a quarter of an inch from the hair line.


Comb the section before flat ironing to make sure the hair is smooth and free from tangle.


Place the flat iron at the top of the section without touching the scalp.

Tip:Use small sections of hair, making sure that the section of hair fits in between the width flat iron plates.


To obtain your desired straightness, use very slow and smooth passes with the flat iron. If you do it properly, only one pass of the iron is needed.


Flat iron in quarter inch sections at a time. If the hair is very fine, however, you can use slightly larger sections.


Continue these steps until your flat ironing process is completed.

Tip:Flat irons greatly range in price between anywhere from $10 to $200. We recommend a ceramic flat iron with a heat dial. The heat dial allows you to control the level of heat. Use lower heat settings for finer hair and higher for more coarse hair.

Take your daughter to a professional every four months to have her ends trimmed. This will keep her hair healthy and guarantee a gorgeous flat-iron look!