Cowashing can save your daughters hair


Girls with naturally curly, wavy, or kinky hair can easily transition from an Afro puff to a twist-out set in no time with the help of curl-enhancing creams, foams and gels. These products can help you put a modern ‘twist’ to a natural look. Though these styling agents provide flexibility, they can also lead to a bad habit: over shampooing. The down side of these styling aids is that you have to apply them to your wet or damp hair.  This creates an issue when there becomes a product build up on the hair.  Heavy curl creams can weigh down hair, requiring you to wash them out every day.  As a result, girls who use these products are shampooing too often. Curly hair only needs a weekly shampoo; anything more than once a week can cause your hair to become dry and break easily. The answer is simple–co-washing. Co-washing is using conditioner or a cleansing cream to cleanse hair. Just skip the shampoo, apply conditioner or a cleansing cream and work it through your hair thoroughly. After rinsing out all the conditioner, apply the curl-enhancing product and your daughter can enjoy her springy and healthy hair.

Make it a great hair day,

Your How-To Hair Coach