Winter care for biracial hair: 5 quick tips


Confused about  Winter care for biracial hair: 5 quick tips to protect curly and wavy hair.

1.  Use a moisturizing shampoo & conditioner to maintain healthy hydrated hair!


2. Winter weather is as drying for the skin as it for you hair. A leave-in moisturizer will  enhance the benefits of your moisturizing shampoo & conditioner  regimen.


leave in

3.  Give the curling iron and blow dryer a break! Heat from these tools plus the cold weather can cause hair to become brittle. Try natural curly  styles.


4.  Only wear wool hats that are lined with a silk or satin material. Wool pulls at the hair causing breakage and split ends.  A silk or satin liner will prevent breakage. (Photo on Etsy)

wool hat

5.  Try braids and twists during these months.  These protective styles are pretty and can last up to a week!

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