Braid it Up

In this lesson, you will learn how to get a few more styles from your daughter’s straight hair. Depending on how active your daughter is her flat iron process may only stay perfectly straight for 3-5 days. Instead of adding more heat try creating a pony tail or braiding it up!

Note: At this point you daughter’s wavy hair has been washed, conditioned, blow dried and flat ironed. To learn how to how to properly wash, condition, and blow dry wavy hair and flat iron wavy hair, go to our Wavy Hair Video Lessons: Shampooing and Conditioning, Get It Straight – Blow Dry, and Get it Straight – Flat Iron.


Begin with a molding product or gel to smooth the hair into a pony tail. Do NOT use brown-colored gel as it tends to flake.


Create a cocktail by adding hair oil to the gel or molding product.


Rub the product onto the entire length of the hair.


Use a natural bristle brush to the smooth hair creating a neat and polished look.


Use a large fabric ponytail holder (rubber band). Avoid using tiny rubber bands unless your daughter’s hair is short and/or fine.


Create a ponytail by gathering the hair into fabric ponytail holders.

Style 1: Twisted Bun
Step 1: Divide the ponytail into two sections and twist the two sections together.
Step 2: Once you reach the end of the ponytail, begin to twist it into a bun.
Step 3: Secure the bun with hair pins. For tips on using hair pins and/or bobby pins, see our Bobby Pins vs. Hair Pins video blog.

Style 2: Braided Bun
Step 1: Divide the ponytail into three sections and braid them together.
Step 2: Use a tiny rubber band to secure the end of the braid.
Step 3: Twist the braid into a bun. For tips on using hair pins and/or bobby pins, see our Bobby Pins vs. Hair Pins video blog dated X.
Note: If you feel you need to a little product to create a smoother look or get rid of flyaways, use about a dime-size portion of the product cocktail you created earlier and smooth over the hair.
For more braided styles see our Hair 101: Curly or Kinky “Hair Braided It Up” videos